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Look below to see if there is one in your area yet.  Our distributors and retailers have entered into relationship with Grandpa’s to carry our line of 100% Organic Fertilizer in your area.  If you are a garden retailer,  business or Local Garden Club with a business license; you could be a Grandpa’s retailer for your area.

Grandpa’s Retailers & Distributors are listed by community in Alphabetical order.


 Anchor Point, AK. 

  • Anchor Point Greenhouseapgreenhsllc 001



Anchorage, AK.

  • Alaska Mill & Feed and Garden Center
    • Distributors throughout Alaska
    • 1501 E. 1 st Avenue, Anchorage
    • Phone: (907) 276-6016



 Homer, AK.   

  • Panama Red’s in Homer
    • Gardening Center
    • Find them in the mini mall next to Katchemak Bay Gear Shed
    • 38792 Kalifonsky Beach Road, Kenai, Ak.
    • (907)283-6010


  • Wagon Wheel Garden & Pet
    • Find them on the way to the Homer Spit
    • 1506 Ocean Dr.,  Homer, Ak.  99603
    • Phone (907) 235-8777 or (907) 299-8701





Kasilof, AK.

  • Home of Grandpa’s  (Not a retail outlet)Grandpa
    • 24000 Kalifonski Beach Rd.  Kasilof, Alaska
    • Phone (907) 394-1615
    • Point of Contact:Michael 




Kenai, AK.         

  • Panama Reds
    • 38792 Kalifornsky Beach Rd. panama-reds-002
    • Mile 14.7 K-Beach Rd., Kenai
    • Phone (907) 283-6010
    • Point of Contact:  Carl Sanche
    • Indoor Gardening Supply




Seldovia, AK.



Soldotna, AK.      




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