Grandpa’s got Worms!

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Located in Kasilof Alaska, we are a local, family owned Alaskan business. Mike & Melodie Hicks 2013 We specialize in Vermiculture.  Namely; raising worms for the production and distribution of Organic Fertilizer, specifically worm castings.

Grandpa’s is a Wholesaler, and our Worm Castings are some of the richest, most potent natural fertilizers produced by God.  And while Alaska does have worms, they are typically stunted in growth and sparsely distributed; which explains some of the struggles Alaskans have with inferior soils.    It is true that where you find a rich resource of worms, you also find rich fertile soils.


We sell high quality worm casting by the cubic yard to retailers, greenhouses, and commercial growers.   Grandpa’s is a producer/wholesaler, and our worm castings come in  1 cu ft. and 1/2 cu ft. bags which can be purchased individually from your local retailer, (see our “find a Grandpa’s  distributor” page)  or in quantities of 1 cubic yard or more by anyone with a business licence or resale card.

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