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  1. In the summer of 2014 I was planting a new area with poppies, and had a little of Grandpa’s worm castings left. I had sowed a strip 2 ft wide by 24 ft long with seed, but I only had enough worm castings to cover about 15 ft of this strip with the thinnest layer. Four or Five weeks later when Mike of Grandpa’s came over to visit he was amazed and pointed out the poppies to me. They were all about 8 inches tall and fully flowered for 15 ft of my strip. Past the 15ft mark were dozens of small 1″ plants, still too small to identify.
    Also I used these on my roses and I went from getting 2 sets of blooms in a summer to five, and I had more blooms each time also. This is amazing stuff, I am looking forward to using it again this year.

  2. I have received allot of questions on how to mix castings with soil for planting Peonies.
    We have several commercial growers as customers, so here is what we have found.
    In most cases people are buying the plants grown and in root ball, and planting these. They are digging holes of various sizes and wondering, “How much castings do I put in, and at what level of the hole?”. If these are your questions, we recommend the following.
    Gather you soil and amendments, whatever your particular mix is. Premix these and then mix 4 parts soil mix to 1 part castings. This will give you a rich 20% mixture. Use this by the wheel barrow or 5 gallon bucket to bed your plants in their pre-dug holes. If you are placing compost at the bottom of the hole and the remainder of your soil around and on top, then mix the castings into the bulk of your soil, omitting the compost.
    The power of castings is the rich microbial life in it, upto 20x your richest soils. These microbes will go to work breaking down all the nitrogen and other nutrients in your soil. They will break them down to the molecular level where the plants can easily use them. And they will do it with or without heat! In Alaska, that is music to a gardeners ears.
    3 points to remember:
    1) Castings are not heavy in nitrogen themselves, so they WILL NOT burn your roots.
    2) The power of castings is in its ability to break down present nitrogen and other nutrient sources, so do not forget to augment your soil with something for the microbes to work on…. compost, SeaAg, ect….
    3) The microbes in castings are activated with moisture, so always water generously immediately after planting.

    Good Gardening!

    Michael / Grandpa

  3. Best earthworm castings available! As a manager of a local gardening shop I see a lot of products. When I came across grandpas earth worm castings I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. It was a whole other experience when I started using them. The product that is produced at grandpas is far superior to other products in the fact that it is still living. I mainly do organics with my garden and have been pleasantly surprised at how well this product has helped me personally not to mention all of the customers. Thank you Mike for the time effort and energy that you give to make this product the best!
    Wes Browning at Panama Reds..

  4. At Newlife Christian Fellowship in Kasilof, we tilled a section of the above lawn where the grass was dying out and thinning. On most of it we spread a thin layer of Grandpa’s castings but only had enough to cover about 2/3 of our tilled area. We then seeded all of it with wildflower seeds. Everyone was astonished at the marked contrast where the castings stopped. The plants on the side without castings were still coming up, but were so far behind the castings side of the line they were only about an inch and unrecognizable as to what variety. On the other side of the line, which had castings, the flowers were thick and already full sized and full of blooms. Amazing!!

  5. This was our first year (2018) to use earthworm castings from Grandpas in our high tunnel. It’s only early June and three weeks after planting, our garden plants are the healthiest and fastest growing that we’ve ever seen! My husband is a very experienced Alaska gardener, and he is impressed. Highly recommend this product!

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