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Located in Kasilof Alaska, we are a local, family owned Alaskan business. Mike & Melodie Hicks 2013 We specialize in Vermiculture.  Namely; raising worms for the production and distribution of Organic Fertilizer, specifically worm castings.

Grandpa’s Worm Castings are some of the richest, most potent natural fertilizers produced by God.  And while Alaska does have worms, they are typically stunted in growth and sparsely distributed; which explains some of the struggles Alaskans have with inferior soils.    It is true that where you find a rich resource of worms, you also find rich fertile soils.


We sell high quality worm casting to private gardeners, greenhouses, and commercial growers.   Grandpa’s worm castings come in 15 lb. and 1 cu ft. bags (50lb), which you can purchase individually or in large quantity.


We also provide ‘Bucket of Worms’ to those interested in infusing their garden or greenhouses with live worms to continue their work year around.  Worms comes in 2 gallon buckets and contains 1 lb. of worms from 1″ to adult.   These worms are dated and should be transferred to a new food source like your garden, within 2-3 weeks of the label date.   Each bucket will contain 1 pound of worms which will be 200 to 700 depending on the age and weight.  Worms are pre-weighed and each bucket will hold 1 lb allowing the bedding and feed to last up to 3 weeks in this bucket.


A third product coming up, is bait worms.  Grandpa’s will sell bait worms in the near future under the logo “Grandpa’s  – ‘Got Worms?’

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On our webpage we hope to enlighten you to some of the uses and benefits of Worm Castings as organic fertilizer.  Thank you for visiting our sight.  If you have any questions, comments or are interested in purchasing please contact us via our contact page.


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